Thea Peacock


Leap from where you are to where you want to be

Ready for change?

If this is you, coaching is a very smart choice.

Why wait years to achieve that penny drop moment when you could have it now? Our thoughts and feelings can get us where we want to go, or hold us back.

Coaching is the common-sense service for people who want to accelerate past their internal obstacles. It combats drift by facilitating self- awareness and clarity.

With coaching, you can harness your situation and begin a new way forward. Look at people you know who have crafted the lives they love. Wouldn’t you like to live like that?

“Be yourself;
everyone else is already taken”



“Since I started seeing Thea as a coach, I have made huge changes to my life. I am a lot happier, more assertive, I live in the moment and have my confidence back.

I started sessions with Thea when at a cross road in my life. I became a mother, and struggled with post natal depression and going back to my high pressure job. With Thea’s help, I have not only managed to keep my career afloat, but I have taken on more responsibilities and have thrived. I’ve given my whole life an overhaul, I laugh more and have learned to be kinder to myself.

Thea is strong, has natural empathy and an amazing ability to make you see things with a fresh perspective. She is warm, kind and tenacious.. I can not recommend her highly enough!”


EMMA F – TV EDITOR – The Great British Bake Off (CH4), Sewing Bee (BBC 2)

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