About Me

Coaching is my passion

I specialise in helping people understand and change their relationship with themselves, and with others. I am excellent at helping people identify psychological and emotional blocks that hold them back. I achieve that with a supportive and curious approach. I ask questions and make observations; I give my undivided attention and operate as an equal. My signature coaching style is to be genuine and present, creating an atmosphere for thought and change.

Thea Peacock Life Coach

I have coached in different professional contexts for over ten years and worked with people of different ages and backgrounds. I have a Diploma in Coaching from Cambridge University.

Coaching with me…

…is a safe space to get exciting results. It’s my role to ensure you feel totally respected and comfortable to explore your situation with curiosity. I’m thoroughly supportive and can be a critical friend.

If you are motivated and ready to create change then I would love to hear from you!


“This is the first time I have ever tried anything like coaching, and I have never really been the type to explore something like this. Thea was recommended by a good friend and I had a specific issue I wanted to work through. When I first spoke with Thea I felt this was someone I could talk with and just thought I’d give coaching a try.

Following 6 sessions with Thea this is truly one of the best things I have ever done. For me the outcomes have been transformational. The sessions expanded from dealing with an initial issue from how I approached things in my everyday life, and really made me consider a lot about my approach to things.

Thea is an excellent coach, and easy to connect with, and has been central in helping me look at how I deal with things and what I can do better.

Do keep in mind this is all coming from a person who thought coaching was a waste of time and ended up finding it transformational.”



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