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“Since I started seeing Thea as a coach, I have made huge changes to my life. I am a lot happier, more assertive, I live in the moment and have my confidence back.

I started sessions with Thea when at a cross road in my life. I became a mother, and struggled with post natal depression and going back to my high pressure job. With Thea’s help, I have not only managed to keep my career afloat, but I have taken on more responsibilities and have thrived. I’ve given my whole life an overhaul, I laugh more and have learned to be kinder to myself.

Thea is strong, has natural empathy and an amazing ability to make you see things with a fresh perspective. She is warm, kind and tenacious.. I can not recommend her highly enough!”



“This is the first time I have ever tried anything like coaching, and I have never really been the type to explore something like this. Thea was recommended by a good friend and I had a specific issue I wanted to work through. When I first spoke with Thea I felt this was someone I could talk with and just thought I’d give coaching a try.

Following 6 sessions with Thea this is truly one of the best things I have ever done. For me the outcomes have been transformational. The sessions expanded from dealing with an initial issue from how I approached things in my everyday life, and really made me consider a lot about my approach to things.

Thea is an excellent coach, and easy to connect with, and has been central in helping me look at how I deal with things and what I can do better.

Do keep in mind this is all coming from a person who thought coaching was a waste of time and ended up finding it transformational.”



“I began coaching with Thea following several unsuccessful job interviews and a resulting dip in my self-confidence.

Thea’s gentle but persistent curiosity, questioning and observations led me to some very deep reflection on my work motivation and the barriers I was creating for myself around my career and job choices.

Having identified these barriers and re-discovering what drove me to choose my career, I went on to verbalise my thoughts and give myself a positive narrative to take me forward with my career.

I have since successfully secured a full time position and am thoroughly enjoying my new job. Thank you, Thea for your perceptive insight.”



“Thea’s coaching played a key role in supporting me to believe in myself, overcome personal challenges and build my business in to the success it is today. She so skilfully tuned in to my needs and my potential and was my key source of support in successfully navigating my way forward through challenging times. She has an amazing energy which is filled with inspiration and positivity which lifted me in to a highly motivated place where I was able push through obstacles that had previously felt insurmountable. I highly recommend Thea’s coaching to anyone who is in need of an injection of support, clarity, self belief, positivity, motivation and inspiration, no matter what obstacles or challenges they face.”

“When I started coaching sessions with Thea I knew that there were issues with my career; I knew I was in the right area but I was still unhappy and unfulfilled. Coaching helped me hold a mirror up to myself and tackle the beliefs that were holding me back from reaching my potential. I have undermined all of my previous self-inflicted judgements about myself thanks to Thea’s caring and well-rounded approach to coaching.

The work on myself was very challenging but Thea’s help and support throughout the whole process was pure gold in every avenue of my life!

I am now a happier person at home with my family and with Thea’s unwavering ability to make me seek my own answers, I found the confidence to create my own successful business where I feel truly fulfilled in my working life as well.”



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